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Camomile & Poppy Flower

Cravos de Abril - April Red Carnations

Bela Silva - Author Edition Caddy -OUT OF STOCK-

Coffret Collector

Isabel Ruth - Author edition Tin

Maria -Birthday Celebration - OUT OF STOCK

Persian Blue Tin - Out of Stock

Platinum Jubilee Queen Elisabeth II Tin

Portugal Coffret - OUT OF STOCK

Scented Candle

Coffret 6 Tea Families

Christmas Puerh Tea

Earl Grey Portugal "Pocket" Caddy

LISBON BREAKFAST "Litograph" Caddy


White Portuguese Tea

Tea Flowers

Travel tin - Monkey

Travel Tin - Qimen Organic

Travel Tin - Silver Needles


Herbal 10 -Night-

Apple Pineapple and Coconut - organic

Darjeeling Blend First Flush

Gurué Black Tea - Organic


Green Mango

Lourdes Castro Collection

Our Tea Bag Selection (pyramid)

Jubilee Tea

Lapsang Souchong Organic

Macaron Violette

Mao Feng from Huang Shan Mountains

Pique-Nique - Organic Black Tea

Pique-Nique - Organic Green Tea

Scottish Breakfast - Organic

Viagem ao Oriente

Viagem ao Oriente 100gr Caddy

Ponta Branca (Silver Tips)- Waiting New Harvest- Out of Stock

S. Tomé Cinnamon

Earl Grey Portugal 100 gr

Lisbon Breakfast 100 gr

Honey Tchai

Pangim Indian Tchai

Turmeric Tchai

Dong Ding Taiwan High Mountains 2023

Si Ji Chun Oolong

Diana -out of stock-

Pocket Caddy

Pouchong Portugal - Oolong - Caddy

Camomile & Lavender

Soba Tea - Organic

Superior Oolong

Lisbon Breakfast 200 gr

Rare Yellow Tea

Matcha (cerimonial) n1 - organic

Matcha (cerimonial)Premium


Little Porcelain tea cup "bago de arroz" - OUT OF STOCK -

Little Porcelain tea cup "Gyokuro" - Out of Stock-

Little tea cup "Pu-erh" - out of stock-

Tea Infusor "Design"

Tea Infusor "Inox"


Gift Voucher

Tea Filters


Genmaitcha BIO

Moroccon Green Tea

Earl Grey Smoky

Branco Mel - Honey white tea

Lisbon Afternoon

Chamomille Flower

Dragon Fly Teapot - out of stock-

Eighty Magazine - The Culture of Tea

Fine porcelain cup and saucer

Kyusu teapot

Ginger, Apple & Rose BIO

Jasmim Mandarim Bio

Oolong Jasmin

Mint (nana)

Rooibos Earl Grey

Flôr de Madagascar

Sencha Sakura

Fennel, anise & cumin

Recordações de Siam 100gr

Rooibos Cleópatra 100gr

Rooibos Recordações do Siam

Rooibos Tchai

Saudades de Kobé 100gr